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Through studying and redefining female sexuality, I began to shape a practical philosophy – FEMMANIA: What it really means, to be “HER” in a post-feminist, oversexed, yet asexual world. FEMMANIA is a new way of thinking. Understanding and embracing our sexuality shapes our own perspective on body image, self-esteem, personality, sexual orientation, values and attitudes, gender roles and relationships. 

I believe in a female society filled with strong and powerful individuals, with their own ways of living, with their own opinions, with compassion and kindness and I think it comes from independence, intelligence, from strength that already exists in every one of us.

As a fashion model, who grew up within the industry from the age of 13, I assumed that it was in this environment that I developed such an intense sense of self-objectification, the feeling that I am not “good enough”, not a “real woman”. Later, I came to see that the problem is bigger than the industry itself. I realized that the deeper origins of this issue came from the female image I was “fed” since I was a little girl, through first memories of fairy tales, Disney movies, cinema and the like to what others expected of me. 

My paintings reflect an attempt to empower an entire generation by depicting a woman embracing her true self. I challenge our vision of womanhood by redefining it through my artworks full of feminine sensuality and strength, inner conflict and absolution. 


the birth

Even God’s children are made of the semen of sin. Like Aphrodite, who was born in waves of foaming seed of her father’s severed genitals.  Most innocent beautiful young darlings were made on the back seat of daddy’s car. 

So was my Femmania, rocking and rolling on the long fast moving water, till it curls into an arch and breaks on the shore. 

In a time when sex is just a form of communication: “I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours”, nothing more than an exchange of lovers’ spit and two hot bodies in kinetic friction, where being sexual is a form of cliché, the vulgar taste, the kitsch of feminism of our asexual time. 

The paleness of libido, the flavorlessness of allure. She had to be born. My sweet little darling. 

Through the double side of penumbra, the innocence of rosy cheeks, to match the pink undertones of labia, the airy appearance of “oh, so lightly steps” into womanhood. The girl tips over the edge, and falls into the ocean of new experience. Realising, that she is no longer a child. 

And that’s what my femmania is about. A female, who experienced the burden of the duality of her existence in a world of smoke and mirrors of her sexuality. 



Repetition physically changes your brain as new connections are made between brain cell. Through this practice I was trying to change the negative to positive, turn hate into love and learn how to deal with the hardest things in my life, as nay Murphy Law was happening all at one. 

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