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Art Aid Ukraine

in association with Medicine for Ukraine, launches an auction to sell art donated by well established artists and up and coming ones, to raise funds, and to gather medical supplies from the warehouses of the EU and place them on hospital shelves in Ukraine.

yuliya dan halcyon heart art for ukraine art aid ukraine.png

Halcyon Heart

original ink on canvas 

This piece was donated by Yuliya Dan to Art Aid Ukraine  to be sold at the auction. All the funds raised would go to buy medicine and supply hospitals in Ukraine. 

"Originally, we planned to help Ukrainian refugees by bringing supplies to the border but we saw that there was already an effective team of charities and volunteers in place. We decided a better use of time and resources would be to try to help people inside Ukraine. There are approximately 3 million refugees who desperately need help but what about the 40 million people still inside the country? Many supply lines are cut off and there is an urgent need for life-saving medicines in Ukrainian hospitals."

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