London-based artist, art-to-wear jewellery designer and philanthropist. She works with ink and calligraphy pen, influenced by her early years in Japan. The ideas behind the paintings come from cultural, social, scientific and psychological backgrounds and inspire works that everyone can connect to on a personal level.

She started to paint professionally while she was living in Cape Town. Something that began with ironic illustrations and sassy essays turned into more than a hobby after her first solo show, which sold-out on the opening night.

As a self-taught artist she believes she won a genetic lottery. As Yuliya’s great-grand mother was a classical painter, who dedicated her life to landscape and portraiture, and all women in her family always had an artistic side, art was something she grew up with. “In a few years, my style grew from simple lines of illustrations to complex paintings. Thats how FEMMANIA was born. I didn’t want to paint only outlines of women anymore, I wanted to show the complexity of the female inner-world with all its challenges and beauty.

film by Alleksana

Yuliya participated in a number of charity art auctions, one of which took place in the Houses of Parliament, alongsideTurner Prize winner Richard Long and Banksy, for “Smile Britannia” in collaboration with London Westbank Gallery, the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation and Temwa. She’s done solo and group shows in London & Cape Town as well as art & fashion collaborations.


In 2016 Yuliya launched an ‘art-to-wear’ jewellery line. Ethical, fair trade, contemporary handmade and unique pendants that are so much more than just a fashion accessory. 

Yuliya just launched an ART FOR HEART campaign to support charity organisations, creating art awareness and donating her art work to various charitable causes.


ART FOR HEART (2018 and on going)

“Through a series of beautiful images, art prints, paintings and “wear art” pendants, I created an Art for Heart campaign that will hopefully bring funds, awareness and support of Together1Heart  foundation that fights to end modern-day slavery. 


I believe that women and girls cannot and must not

be traded and treated as if they were objects. Liberty should not be a privilege, but a basic human right“

MELTING HEART (launching in 2019)

“Raising the Climate Change issue, through personal

journeys to Iceland and Alaska. Through a journal of

pictures and sketches that show our significant presence in

even remote places, to paintings of melting Glaciers and

the Dark Snow phenomenon, and examining our impact on

marine life, especially mammals and the ocean itself”.

STARDUST (2016 and on going ) collection &


FEMMANIA (2014 and ongoing)

“My paintings reflect an attempt to empower an entire

generation by depicting a woman embracing her

true self. I challenge our vision of womanhood by

redefining it through my artworks full of feminine

sensuality and strength, inner conflict and absolution”.


YD & Selezza London Fashion event

art-to-wear & fashion 

2017, October 

Albemarle House, London


Windward Women Launch

art show & a speech

2017, March

Kensington, London



art show & jewellery launch

2016, July

Chelsea, London



project – solo art show

2015, June - September

Wardour St, London 


“Debut Contemporary” Gallery

group show at

2015, March

Westbourne Grove, London

“Smile Britannia” 

with Westbank Gallery

group charity auction of contemporary art

2014, December

The House of Commons, Westminster, London, UK


“Jess Get Well Soon Foundation”

solo charity auction

2013, April

Beautifull Life Building

Cape Town,South Africa


Youngblood Gallery

group show

2013, April

70-72 Bree St, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa



solo exhibition

2013, March

Cape Town, South Africa